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Quantum Science Pendant


Every genuine Quantum Pendant comes with a Unique Authenticity Serial Number

Our Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It is infused with special deep-sea volcanic lava that is high in zeolite and contains over 70 natural minerals and cosmic energy minerals. It is processed under pressure and coagulated to form bio-ceramics under substained low temperature treatment.

Our Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant emits scalar energy including the essential K40 resonance that promotes positive flow of energy and aids to maintain energy balance.

You can get the same energy level of 2,500 negative ions by going to waterfalls or caves. 2,500 negative ions can emit scalar energy that penetrates up to 2" deep into our body whereas 4,000-4,500 negative ions can go as deep as 4" and they energize water & food faster.

The pendant produces scalar energy that helps enhance the body's bio-field. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body, this pendant helps the wearer to achieve radiant health and well-being.

Users wear it on the chain although it may be also carried in a pocket. You may also try waving or placing our Quantum Scalar Pendant directly over any painful area. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly, scalar energy enhances the body's bio-field. Inwardly, it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body.

Our Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants are now worn all over the world in more than 160 countries and only introduced in the United States in early 2008. This pendant has helped many world-class athletes, international sport figures, stars and superstars, in the likes of, World Boxing Champion, Manny Pacquiao; Taekwondo Grandmaster & 9th- Degree Black Belt Dato Sabree Salleh; Olympic Medalist/Action Star, Taekwondo Champion Manuel Monsour Del Rosario lll; Scott Smith and Pat Dempsey, World Long-Drive Record Champions; Ringo Borlain, 2006 Mr. Universe; Samboy Lim, Allan Caidic, & Alvin Patrimonio of the Philippines Basketball Association.

Order this pendant in order to experience the many benefits afforded by this amazing pendant, which is high in zeolite and creates a scalar zero-point neutral field.

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Ours is the real McCoy!

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Health Benefits:

Reduces pain and inflammation Strengthens resilience to the effects of stress Improves blood circulation Increases energy and stamina Improves sleep Enhances mental performance and alertness Reduces symptoms of fatigue Relieves symptoms of jet lag Reduces motion sickness Enhances immune and endocrine systems Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification Helps to retard the aging process Helps to fight cancer cells Prevents electro-magnetic waves from affecting one's health Increases focus and concentration Empowers meditation and prayer Increases oxygen supply to blood cells Has the ability to help destroy viruses and bacteria Increases sexual performance Promotes feelings of love, joy, peace and happinessNeutralizes disharmonious or negative energies Energizes food and water Extends shelf life of fruits, vegetables and even flowers Enhances the flavor of food, juice & wine Beneficial for pets animals and plants Suitable for adults and children of any age

Brief History of Scalar Energy by Matt Canham

If you've ever been to a health and wellness expo, chances are you may have heard something about scalar energy. It's becoming popular among the alternative health community but has actually been around for quite some time. Scalar energy was originally discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid 1850's. Maxwell was a theoretical physicist and mathematician who was born in Scotland in 1831 and his discovery was a new form of energy now known as Scalar Energy. Once Maxwell had discovered the existence of this energy, Nikola Tesla -- a Yugoslavian mathematician and mechanical engineer -- then worked to prove and demonstrate its existence in 1856. Tesla referred to scalar energy as standing energy or universal waves and he was able to collect it without the use of any cables and wires. Albert Einstein also noted and made reference to scalar energy during his work in the 1920's, but the question asks: how is it different?

Our everyday electro-magnetic waves have wave actions and frequencies, which are easily measurable in the unit of Hertz. Scalar energy on the other hand is a static, stationary energy that has no frequencies and cannot be measured in Hertz-like electro-magnetic waves. It is a very special and unique type of energy and only now are we beginning to understand its importance and possibilities. Although only discovered within the last 150 years, scalar energy has existed since the beginning of time.

Scalar energy is found within in the vacuum of empty space, ranging anywhere from the empty atmosphere in the earth, to the small spaces between your bodily cells. In nature, it can be found in desolate hills, rain forests and is generated by crashing ocean waves. Perhaps the most promising benefit of scalar energy is its healing properties. It has been known to reduce and can possibly eliminate many forms of disease, but since its discovery more 150 years ago, knowledge on scalar energy has been held in secrecy by a select few who were able to understand its complexity. Thankfully, we now have a better understanding and knowledge and scalar energy is rising to the surface.

The general population can easily learn about the properties of scalar energy to harness and use the miraculous benefits to improve their own health and wellness. Scientific Reports about the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is based on strong scientific principles and evidence. The Barron Report, one of many, describes what scalar energy is and how amazing it is.There are many other scientific reports supporting the benefits of scalar energy for our health.

Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant

~A Gift of Health for your LOVED ONES~
Inform us the name of the person you are buying the gift for and tell us where to ship it to. We will drop ship it with your return address on the package and no mention of our company anywhere. Imagine the look on his/her face when they open the gift!

Help your loved ones to achieve better health & greater vitality by improving their body's circulation, neutralizing negative energies, & recharging their body's energy field with the right energy frequencies.

Benefits of the Quantum Pendant:

1- Improves blood circulation

2- Improves stamina, endurance and strength

3- Alleviates soreness, aches, pains and improves flexibility

4- Energizes blood cells & reduces stiffness

5- Calms the mind & improves focus and concentration

6- Strengthens the body's bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves

7- Use water energized with Quantum Pendant for washing your face to improve complexion

8- Place it underneath your skin care bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy

9- Leave it in the refrigerator to keep your food fresher longer

10- Helps to fight cancer cells

11- Reduces inflammation

12- Helps to prevent DNA from damage

What happens to our body when we sit in front of computer or talk on our cell phone all day long?
What is happening to us as we are exposed to the ever increasing number of TV, radio, cell phone, satellite and microwave frequencies in today's world?
Most people have no clue...It is everywhere, almost as common as the air you breathe. If you're like the typical person living in modern society, there is not a time during your typical day when you are not exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). This type of environment has never existed in the history of human civilization before.

What consequence does this type of invisible presence have on your ability to fully function as an organic human being? With all the explosions in radio and TV broadcasting stations, radio telephone networks, cordless phones and cell phones, the density of radio waves and microwaves around you is now many millions of times higher than natural levels. The same applies to Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) fields produced by dozens of electrical appliances in households in the industrialized world and the power lines feeding those devices.

Industrialized countries in North America, Western Europe and China emit so much EMF energy that it can be sensed by satellites in space. Research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of your body. They magnify your body's "flight or fight" responses, compounding your adrenal loads from other stressors and significantly reducing your ability to cope effectively.

The unhealthy levels of EMF pollution to which we are now exposed every day, have been proven to:disrupt your natural energy levelstrigger stress responsesimpair your body's natural ability to healadd stress to your already taxed systemcontribute to your energy depletion and fatigue. And the long-term effects are even worse! Dr. Neil Cherry, a biophysicist and an elected official in New Zealand, said that studies indicate that non-ionizing radiation causes everything from cancer in lab rats to neurological changes in humans.

Dr. Cherry stated that human beings are very good conductors of microwave transmitted signals. Living organisms are themselves electromagnetic instruments of great sensitivity that can support a variety of electrical vibrations; these can be interfered with by external radiation - both at microwave and very much lower (ELF) frequencies - in a number of ways, from which adverse health effects can follow.

In fact, numerous studies from leading scientists have linked long-term EMF exposure to increased risks for:heart disease, cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression and suicide,fatigue, asthma, and others.

In one study, Charles Graham, an experimental physiologist at the Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, Mo., says that magnetic fields can alter two hormones that affect cancer risk -- estrogen and testosterone. Overnight exposure of women to elevated levels of EMFs in the laboratory significantly increased estrogen.

Studies have shown that high levels of estrogen over many years can increase a woman's risk of getting breast cancer. In men, the EMF exposure reduced levels of testosterone--a hormone drop that has been linked to testicular and prostate cancers.

Graham's studies have also shown that intermittent exposures to EMFs have an effect, a situation that emulates real-world exposures--which can vary from second to second in frequency, intensity, and waveform, depending on their source and an individual's distance from it.

Martin Halper, the EPA's Director of Analysis and Support says "I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we're seeing with EMFs.."

*Frequently Asked Questions*

1. How is the Scalar-Pendant going to help me?

You will feel more energetic, more focused, be less prone to suffer from headaches and can better cope with stress. Aches and pains should gradually disappear.

2. Should I wear the Scalar-Pendant all the time?

Yes, except when taking a bath. As for wearing during sleep, some find difficulty in sleeping while others can sleep more soundly.

3. How soon will I have to wait before experiencing any effects?

Some respond within a few hours while others may require up to a month to register its effects. If there is still no effect after a month, removing it for a week is sometimes the best way to monitor how it has been of benefit.

4. Will it ever run out?

No, it will last a lifetime. It also does not require any maintenance.

5. Are there any side-effects to wearing Scalar-Pendant? It is not magnetic, not electrical and not radioactive. A few wearers have experienced a strange or uncomfortable feeling during the first few days and may be symptomatic of the body adjusting to the effects of the pendant. If the discomfort continues, wear it for a few hours a day at first and gradually increase the wearing time.

6. What can I do if wearing the Scalar-Pendant did not help to reduce the pain of the affected part? You can try rubbing the Scalar-Pendant directly over the painful area.

7. Why do some people experience an initial worsening of the pain on wearing Scalar-Pendant?

This is known as the 'healing crisis' which may occur prior to resolution of the symptoms.

8. How do I energize the water?

By placing Scalar Pendant underneath a glass or a bottle of water for at least 15 minutes.

9. What are the benefits of drinking energized water?

It is the same as the benefits of wearing the Scalar-Pendant and the effects last 4-24 hours depending on the individual's energy level. The water has a fresher and more pleasant taste. Some have applied the energized water to the skin for chronic skin diseases. Others have used it on their hair to promote hair growth.

10. What is the difference between alkaline water and energized Scalar-Pendant water?

Many have mistakenly believed that making the body less acidic via alkaline water is healthy! This can cause pH imbalance, bone problems and organ damage if not careful. Safest way is fruits and vegetables and your body balances the pH itself through natural processing of these healthy foods. Drinking water is safer when neutral pH, as it is in its natural state. For more information, read Harvey Diamond's "Fit for Life" book. Scalar-Pendant does not tamper with the natural safe pH of energized healing water. If nature wanted us to drink alkaline water, then water would be alkaline. Keep in mind that water is of neutral pH.

11. Where is the proof of these benefits?

If you look for the proof of "chi" energy it's all around you. Looking for proof of quantum physics is in the results not the cause and effects. Look at the tests and observe and taste the differences.

12. How does it prevent jet lags?

Wetter liquids - more ability for the body organs to absorb water, increased "hydration" locked within the natural molecular structure are thousands of molecular clusters. The body organs can hydrate and absorb the liquid more easily. In addition, the surface tension of the water has been removed (bio film) which adds to the hydration effect. Increased oxygen potential - Increasing oxygen in the blood cells increases energy levels. The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension. These gases cannot evaporate, as they are part of the liquid. This in turn allows the bodies DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.

13. How is it used to lock the chlorinated water?

While chlorine is a wonderful bio-side, it has also been shown to destroy life. Fish and plants cannot live with it and it has been banned from German drinking water for several years. If your supply of water contains chlorine then one can simply stand a bottle of chlorinated water over the pendant or authenticity card. The new molecular structure of the water will remove the smell taste and odor of chlorine. Yet the chlorine is still effective but in this case the fish can live and plants will grow.

14. How does the energy transfer to the water using Scalar-Pendant?

The pendant energy resonates into the liquid where it "picks up" the resonance. The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world. Much research is now focused on this fact as 70% of our bodies are made of water and it is important to nourish the body with the correct molecular structured water.

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